Relatives Support Programme

The children are assigned to us by the welfare office. Our priority is to try to find relatives with whom to place them.

We are convinced that growing up within the own family is best for the orphan. That is why Malaika Kids' policy is aimed at placing as many children as possible with relatives. The costs per child are then about half of the cost of full care. This way we can help even more children. About 50% of the orphans placed in our care can be placed with relatives and included in the family support program.

Growing up within one's own family is also in line with the Millennium goals and the principles of UNICEF.

Grandma and grandchildGrandma and grandchild she was able to take in through the support of the Relatives Support Program.
New shoes being tried on.At the start of the school year, the support package also includes school supplies, a school bag and new shoes that must be tried on immediately.
If we find family, the living situation will be assessed in consultation with welfare. Possibly, with the support of Malaika Kids, the orphan can grow up with this family. Support is in kind and never with money to prevent abuse. The issuance of support packages takes place at the Reception Home and various other locations.

A mediator regularly visits the family to evaluate the situation. The school where the child goes is also visited to talk to the teaching staff. The teachers usually have a good view of the child's situation. During the visit, the situation is evaluated and, if necessary, the amount of support is adjusted.

There are three pillars to our Relatives Support Programme. The first is help with education costs, especially uniforms and books. No matter how poor a child is, they are not allowed to go to school unless they wear a serviceable uniform.
In addition, we pay for regular practice tests for every child in the junior section of primary school to improve their school performance. This costs us about € 70 per year.

Malaika Kids also provides an essential monthly food package for each child, consisting of basic items such as cooking oil, salt, sugar, flour, rice, dried beans and some fresh fruits and vegetables. Toothpaste and soap are also included, at a total cost of approximately €200 per child per year.

Finally, and this is crucial, we arrange basic insurance for each child. This gives them free access to basic health care, including free prescriptions. This costs us approximately € 50 per child per year extra.

So for €320 per child per year we can really make a difference in the likely life outcomes of these children, while keeping them within a family.
Distribute support packages.Our young adults help put together and distribute the support packages.
Pass for basic health insuranceChild in the Relatives Support Programme receives the pass for basic health insurance.
The Relatives Support Programme has been expanded with a micro-finance program so that foster parents can build a business and support the orphans they have taken in. 
We are also working on setting up a micro financing facility with which we can help poor families set up e.g. a business, a shop, etc.
We also recently started offering the possibility of micro-finance with which these families can build up a better income in order to take care of the orphaned child.