Reception Home

The Reception Home is located in Dar es Salaam and is used to receive new children and guide young adults towards an independent existence.

In 2004 we started converting a house into an orphanage. After two renovations, this is now the Reception Home for incoming children and outgoing young adults. We work closely with welfare office. This government body is located in Dar es Salaam. 
The backgrounds of the children are different: found alone on the street or at a bus station, parents deceased, arrested while stealing food, etc. If welfare cannot find the family, they take the children to our Reception Home, where they usually stay for a maximum of three months, because they either go back to their parents, to found relatives or to our Children's Village.

Young adults also stay in the Reception Home because they are following vocational training in Dar es Salaam. For them, the Reception Home is the last place at Malaika Kids before they take their first independent steps in the world.
Feeding a young child
Outside kitchen
Kids in the Reception Home
Kids playing outside
The Reception Home has a maximum capacity of 19 children. Often we have more than that in incoming children and outgoing young adults in Dar es Salaam. That is why we rented a building a few minutes' walk from the Reception Home. Several of our young adults live there. This promotes their independence and responsibility, but the staff sees them every day because they come to the shelter every evening for dinner.