ANBI Public Benefit Institution

Malaika Orphanage Foundation, also known as Malaika Kids Tanzania, is registered under the Non-Governmental Organizations Act 2002.

Contact details

Malaika Orphanage Foundation
23 Malongwe Street
Dar es Salaam

NGO Act 2002: 00NGO/R2/00061
Fiscal number: 105 017 243

Vision statement

The vision of Malaika Orphanage Foundation is to give orphans and most vulnerable children in Tanzania a worthwhile and fulfilling future.

Mission statement

The mission of Malaika Orphanage Foundation is to provide a safe home, a caring and loving family and education to these orphans and most vulnerable children, ensuring their well-being, development and eventual integration into society as responsible and productive individuals.

Goals and objectives

  1. To promote the general welfare of orphans and the most vulnerable children in a stable and safe living environment. 
  2. To advocate, protect and promote the health and welfare of children and nurture their overall growth and development; including their physical, social, emotional and intellectual needs, allowing them to grow and develop to their full potential. 
  3. To raise awareness through education programs to the society purposely for the development of responsibility and self - esteem of the children. 
  4. To ensure children are protected from any form of abuse, discrimination, slavery and cruel punishment. 
  5. To enhance and enable children to grow within a caring family environment and have access to essential services such as education, healthcare and recreational services. 
  6. To prepare children for independent living and successful integration into society upon reaching adulthood. 
The income of the foundation consists of donations, bequests and legacies (acceptance only subject to inventory of the estate).

The foundation is a non-for-profit organisation and is registered as a non-governmental organisation.

Board of directors

There is a Board of Directors composed of the Chairperson, Executive Secretary, Treasurer and other members appointed by General Meeting. The members of the board are appointed for a period of five years and can be reappointed immediately. 

The Board of Directors composition:

  • Najma Manji, Chairwoman 
  • Hadija Mwambungu, Secretary 
  • Shezan Nazir, Treasurer 
  • Jayne Kezier, Member 
  • Shamshad Rehmatullah, Member 
The members of the board do not receive any remuneration for their activities in this capacity.


The following documents can be downloaded:
Certificate of Registration Policy Plan Activity Report 2023 Financial Report 2023