Introducing our new scholarship fund

Malaika Kids is setting up a scholarship fund to help children like Badru progress through the top end of school and through college. The first £1,000 has been pledged by a longstanding trustee, David Murray.

For some, A levels may not be the best course. Maria and Amina will finish their four years at Ujenzi in December of this year, and would like to do a course to enable them to become nurses. We are investigating what options they may have, and the grades they will need to obtain.


Maria and Amina


Mariam is very popular in the Village partly due to her excellent singing and organising of evening festivities. She would like to be a teacher, even though health issues have affected her schooling in the past. We would like to support her if she makes the grades.

Finally, Leila will also graduate in December. She would like to become an engineer, and we are discussing what this may mean more specifically, so as to try to get her on to the most appropriate course.


Mariam and Leila

There are younger children also coming through the Ujenzi ranks. Four children are beginning their second year, and three more have just made an excellent start to their first year. In total, at present we have 12 children at Ujenzi, and we are hoping that every one of them can progress to the maximum of their ability with our support.

Primary school is compulsory in Tanzania and virtually every child attends. Secondary schooling is not compulsory; about 40% of all children attend. We currently have two children of secondary school age that opted for vocational training straight away (one doing hotel management and another becoming a motor mechanic). We will only send children to Ujenzi if we think that further academic studies are appropriate for the individual child.


Because Malaika Kids is a young charity, our children also tend to be young. As we look to the future, we can see a further 39 children, currently at primary school, who will move on through the education system (one way or another), and we have a further 20 younger children in our Village who will be next.

We want to give all of them the best education that they deserve. Through our Sponsor a Child scheme or by contributing to our new scholarship fund, your financial help will make a real difference to our children and eventually the greater Dar es Salaam community.