Laptops for Malaika Kids

Post Office gives 97 laptops to Malaika Kids UK

These have been delivered to Computers4Africa in Maidstone, where they are being checked and reloaded with Windows operating systems.

Nigel Fawkes, our chairman, went down to see the consignment and discuss further cooperation with Mike Fleet, General Manager. When all are checked, uploaded and complete with powercords, they will be shipped in one of Computers4Africa’s regular 40 ft containers to Dar es Salaam.

Giving our young orphans good I T skills is seen as a vital advantage in getting them good jobs when they leave us, and these laptops have the major benefit that they are battery driven and so not dependant on a regular source of electricity – something still very scarce in Tanzania.

We are investigating solar powered trickle chargers too, and hope to come up with a solution shortly, which will also make the laptops valuable to the many orphans who are fostered with families on our Relatives Support Programme.

We are most grateful to the POST OFFICE for their kindness and generosity.

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