Quest for self sufficiency continues

Self Sufficiency at Malaika Kids Children’s Village. At Malaika Kids we have always wanted to be self sufficient – to get the most out of what we have and the land we have to produce the very best for the children with us.

Malaika Kids owns a large plot of land of 12 hectares, of which some five hectares are needed for the village.


Working in the gardens

Baraka watering seedlings

In 2011 we started a self-sufficiency program with developing the first couple of acres for growing vegetables (spinach and okra) and fruits (mangoes and pineapples). This has gone from strength to strength, with some of the older children now getting involved in managing the garden.







Animal welfare

Doto tending goats

Apart from vegetables and fruits the self-sufficiency program also covers the generation of biogas, harvesting of rainwater for the garden and goats and chicken for milk and egg production.









Street Market sales now …

Street Market sales in Dar es Salaam

Following a really good harvest, we’ve been lucky at the village that the garden produces sufficient vegetables and fruits to feed everyone at the village, plus some extra which is sold at the street markets in Mkuranga and Dar es Salaam.









… And for the Future

The total production of vegetables, fruits and eggs will be grown for sale, and the proceeds are expected to cover a significant part of the daily running costs of the children’s village. This is great news for Malaika Kids, and we hope as we continue to harvest crops and convert to biogas this will increase our efficiency.