Visit Ton and Chris in 2011

Ton Willemsen, our chairman of Malaika Kids Netherlands, visited Malaika Kids Village this month together with his wife Chistine. The main purpose of this visit was to make preparations for the construction of phase two of the village. Furthermore of course they came to see the kids. Here some of their photos and stories.

The village’s newest, youngest family member

Our youngest child in the village attracts a lot of attention from the older ones. Who needs a doll to play with when you can have the real thing?

Wema is taking full advantage of our brand new kitchen but not quite in the way we’d envisaged. The others and children keep it wonderfully clean and so this is the perfect spot to learn to crawl. She’s not quite there but can drag herself along the floor, so it won’t be long now!

Going to school

It would be a long walk to school for the younger ones and we need to be sure they’re safe. So every morning, shortly after 7 a.m. their ‘bajajis’ arrives with the same friendly driver who takes them to school.




And our Village Manager is proud to be joined with our 7th grade children


Little Amina is used to playing with boys – there just aren’t any little girls around her age yet. She’s becoming quite a little tomboy, copying the kung Fu actions and is not at all shy! The only clue to her femininity is the (rather dirty) doll she carries around and cute little dresses she wears. She doesn’t stay clean for long though……