Visit Ton and Chris in 2011

Ton Willemsen, our chairman of Malaika Kids Netherlands, visited Malaika Kids Village this month together with his wife Chistine. The main purpose of this visit was to make preparations for the construction of phase two of the village. Furthermore of course they came to see the kids. Here some of their photos and stories.

The village’s newest, youngest family member
Our youngest child in the village attracts a lot of attention from the older ones. Who needs a doll to play with when you can have the real thing?

Wema is taking full advantage of our brand new kitchen but not quite in the way we’d envisaged. The others and children keep it wonderfully clean and so this is the perfect spot to learn to crawl. She’s not quite there but can drag herself along the floor, so it won’t be long now!



Going to school
It would be a long walk to school for the younger ones and we need to be sure they’re safe. So every morning, shortly after 7 a.m. their ‘bajajis’ arrives with the same friendly driver who takes them to school.






The new kitchen
The kitchen floor and walls have been tiled all in white. Although we didn’t plan it that way, this has turned out to be the children’s and mothers’ favourite spot. The worktops and stoves have not yet been installed and so, meanwhile, the children and mothers often eat here. They obviously take pride in this building as they keep it spotless.





Congratulations to Marjam who has been made head Girl of her school. In this role she has had to greet visiting dignitaries and give speeches to the 2000 children of her school. She’s expected to gain entrance to high school easily and intends to become a lawyer.







Evening activities.
Every evening group activities take place – drama and dance, reading, computer lessons, debating etc.

In this photo you can see a very lively debate taking place with one of the boys chairing it.





Volunteers building almost ready
We should be able to house volunteers in the village fairly soon. Actually we’ve already slept there but have to admit that it’s not really finished yet. The showers work however and the bedrooms and communal room are functional, if a little bare. Another few weeks and we’ll get there!





It’s a boy’s world
Girls are outnumbered two to one in the village and that translates into a number of football fans. Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool seem to be the most popular so if anyone has any old T-shirts or caps from these teams, you’d make some young boys very happy indeed!





Little Amina is used to playing with boys – there just aren’t any little girls around her age yet. She’s becoming quite a little tomboy, copying the kung Fu actions and is not at all shy! The only clue to her femininity is the (rather dirty) doll she carries around and cute little dresses she wears. She doesn’t stay clean for long though……





Another 40 ft container arrived
During our stay a container from Holland arrived with building materials, garden tools, children clothes, toys, bikes, matrasses and more usefull items for the village.

Unfortunately the truck arrived near the village at 10:30 at night. With the help of many hands it took us still 3,5 hours before all the goods were off loaded and stored.



Salome, Thomas, Umi and Rachel are currently taking care of our kids in the village. We are looking for another mother as soon 15 new kids will arrive from our Reception Home in Dar es Salaam in the village.


Aad playing with the kids

Building the next phase , but who says it’s all work and no fun ?

Aad van Vliet, one of our volunteers currently on site, will be clearing a piece of land next to the current buildings. In order to determine exactly where the new houses will be built, and so what part of the bush has to be cleaned, he asked our kids to give him a tour. No worries, they do know the way.

Clearing the land for the next phase is not easy. With the help of many strong men from Mkuranga Village the small trees and bushes will have to make place for the new buildings. The larger trees – especially the Mango trees on our site – will stay.