The Malaika Children

The Malaika Children

At Malaika Kids we believe that every child has the right to a stable home, giving them the chance to learn and develop.

We have taken into our care many children, from infants to young teenagers. The actual cost of looking after a child is £1.38  per day (£42.08 monthly) but we only ask you to commit to a regular monthly gift of £20 to sponsor one child placed in the Relatives Support Programme or £30 for a child permanently placed and living at the Children’s Village.

All the children are different and come to us in a number of ways. Through our sponsorship programme you can help children of varying ages like these to achieve their potential.

Richard and Thomas

Richard and Thomas are twins. Their mother died of an infection shortly after childbirth. Their father has mental health issues and it was clear he simply could not cope. The Welfare Office in Mkuranga approached Malaika Kids to ask if we were willing to help. We took on the twins and they are thriving – very recently, they both learned how to walk


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Mohamed Malaika

Mohamed was found wandering by himself on the road by the police. He was too young to have any idea where he came from, or what he was doing. The police took him to the Welfare Office in Dar es Salaam and they in turn took him to our Reception Home. We first stabilised his condition, and gave him the surname Malaika. When we failed to locate any relatives, we moved him to the Children’s Village in Mkuranga two years ago.

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Jonathan is an albino child. This puts him at risk from some superstitious Africans who look to albino body parts as having medicinal uses or providing good fortune. Jonathan’s mother is dead. His father treated him very badly, subjecting him to drunken beatings and locking him in a cupboard. He ended up in hospital, where Welfare took charge of him. Malaika Kids was then asked to take care of him – he is now a popular child in the Children’s Village.

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The youngster, egged on by his friends, had never travelled anywhere until he was convinced to make an ‘easy trip’. Samson decided to travel from Burundi to Tanzania and back again in a journey that he thought would be simple. However once he arrived in Tanzania, his friends abandoned him and he didn’t have the resources to return home, leaving him isolated in an unknown place and with little information about how to get back. He was picked up by the police in a special operation looking for street children. No relatives have been found, so he is now resident in the Children’s Village.

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Mary was brought to the Malaika Kids Reception Home after being passed between different social care departments across Tanzania. She was travelling on a bus from Sumbawanga region to Dar es Salaam, a distance of around 1200km, with her mother. Mary fell asleep on the bus but when she woke up she realised her mother had abandoned her.

Mary didn’t know where she was, or where her mother had gone. No one could trace her. The bus driver decided to leave her at the police station in Iringa region, around 600km from Dar es Salaam, and when Mary remembered she had a grandfather in Dar es Salaam she was transferred to the social care services there.

When Mary arrived at Malaika Kids, troubled and unsure, she couldn’t sleep because she was in so much pain from a toothache. We managed to get her hospital treatment and now she has recovered and has friends in the Children’s Village.

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