Sponsored Events

The Royal Parks Half Marathon 2020

We have places for the famous Royal Parks Half Marathon for October 2020. If you are interested in running for us, check out this page  for more details and to request a place.

Sporting Events

Events are organised all over the country, and indeed the world, which you can enter as an individual and raise whatever sponsorship you can for Malaika Kids. Choose your event and sign up, let us know what you are doing and we will give you an online fundraising page, a beautiful Malaika Kids t-shirt, fundraising tips and sponsorship forms.

Examples may be:

  • A 5km or 10km run, one of the great North or Great South Runs, a marathon or ultra event of your choice
  • A walk e.g. a 20km, 40km or 60km challenge, the Thames Path or the Coast to Coast across England
  • A cycle ride e.g. the London to Brighton, John O’Groats to Lands End or Coast to Coast across Ireland
  • A biathlon or triathlon on your own or in a team
  • Tough Mudders – only if you are completely mad!
  • Check out events with Across the Divide


An Individual Challenge


  • Ride a horse or a motorbike across a country or a continent
  • Climb a mountain – close to our hearts in Tanzania is Kilimanjaro –  you could organise this through Action Challenge
  • Trek to Machu Pichu
  • Make a parachute jump or a bunjee jump –  skydiveforfree can help you do this
  • Do something silly – shave your head or eyebrows, grow a beard, sit in a bath of baked beans
  • Do something sensible – stop smoking, lose weight, learn a language


Organise an Event

Organise an event yourself or through your club, society, workplace, school or university. Some ideas include:

  • A coffee morning
  • A quiz night
  • An auction or a raffle
  • A bucket collection at work
  • A concert
  • Bake cakes and sell them to your friends or colleagues
  • A disco
  • A fashion show
  • A tennis tournament

Please fill out the contact form if there is an event you are thinking of doing on behalf of Malaika Kids or if you would simply like to register your interest in doing something but aren’t quite sure what!

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