Sponsor a Child – Sponsorship Details

The first step of sponsorship allows you to select the age band and gender of a child.  Please click this following link:

Child Details

The second step in sponsoring a child is to securely provide your payment details via the CAF (Charities Aid Foundation) website.  UK taxpayers are given the opportunity to claim Gift Aid, by ticking the box CAF will claim the amount on behalf of Malaika Kids.  Please click this following link:

Payment Details for Direct Debits

NOTE: The CAF website can only process regular direct debit payments from UK-based bank accounts, so overseas sponsors will have to make arrangements with their own overseas bank for regular payments.

Alternatively, one-off donations using Credit or Debit cards may be made through CAF using this link.

Payment Details for Credit/Debit Cards

Many thanks from Malaika Kids for agreeing to sponsor one of our children in Tanzania.  A member of the Malaika Kids UK managing committee will be in touch with you soon.

Regards,  Malaika Kids UK