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Sponsoring a Malaika Kid gives you a unique relationship with the charity.

Start a lasting friendship and get a real insight into the life and progress of your sponsored child as they grow up.

Learn all about the unique and vibrant Children’s Village, Mkuranga, and the charity’s wider work in Tanzania.

We are proud to be a volunteer organisation where the trustees pay their own expenses, so that 100% of your money can be used directly for your child in Tanzania.

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Rosemary – 4 years old

Rosemary was 18 months old when she came to us. Her mentally ill mother abandoned her in hospital and she was extremely weak and emaciated. Now she enjoys singing and painting in our pre-primary class and is great friends with twin boys who are a few months older than her. At 6 or 7 she will attend Lifewaylight, an excellent English speaking primary school with class sizes under 30 just outside our gates. Rosemary can already speak a few words of English.

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Mohammed – 5 years old

Mohammed was a 6 months old baby when he came to our Reception Home. He had been abandoned at the side of the road in Dar es Salaam. We did not think he would survive at first – he looked like a stick with a ball on top. We could not find any parents or other relatives to take him back so, after naming him, he moved to our Children’s village in Mkuranga. He loves our pre-primary class, particularly the nature walks. Finding a chameleon was very exciting for him! In one year’s time he will move to the nearby English speaking primary school.

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Sharif – 14 years old

Sharif was 5 years old when he came to Malaika Kids. The police found him abandoned at a bus stop and neither they nor the Welfare Office were able to find any relatives. He was however old enough to be able to tell us his first name. Sharif is a sunny, extrovert character and loves repairing things but is not academic. After completing 7 years of Primary school he was anxious to receive practical training. Malaika Kids is now paying for him to attend an army apprenticeship school where he specialises in learning panel beating- his choice!

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Mary – 17 years old

Mary was 12 years old when she came to us. She was abandoned by her widowed mother while sleeping on a long distance bus. Mary didn’t know where she was, and no one could trace her mother. The bus driver decided to leave her at the police station in Iringa region, around 600km from Dar es Salaam. Mary remembered she had a grandfather in Dar es Salaam and was transferred to the social care services there, but he could not be found.  So the Welfare Department asked us to take her into the Children’s Village. Mary is now at a girls’ secondary school and had 3 “A” grades in her last school report. She is lively and vivacious and we hope will go on to do “A” levels. If she passes she hopes to train as a nurse, and you can continue to sponsor her through her vocational training and celebrate when she lands her first job.

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These are our real children and their actual stories – but we have changed their names on this website only for protection.

What to expect when you sponsor a child

As soon as you sign up to be a sponsor, we’ll send you a welcome pack with a photo of the child you’re sponsoring, their birthday and their story so far, and every year a new photo and an update on your child’s progress.  You will also receive e-newsletters with photos and stories about the whole Malaika Kids community in Tanzania.

You may not be the sole sponsor of your child. You can write back to your sponsored child via Malaika Kids UK (info-uk@malaika-kids.org), who will forward your message via the Village Manager.

Child Sponsorship works best as a long term relationship, but if you have to withdraw your support at any time, please notify us by email at info-uk@malaika-kids.org

It takes two steps to provide all the details necessary for you to sponsor a child.  Please be sure to carry out both steps on the next screen by clicking here.

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