Adopt us as your School charity

If your school or college would like to support Malaika Kids and would like more information, please contact us. We will be able to answer any questions you may have and would be delighted to visit your school and talk to the children about the work we do and how they can get involved.

Adopt us as your Charity of the Year or Term

Your school or college could make a big difference by adopting Malaika Kids for a year or a term. We will assist you in organising a fun filled year of fundraising events which your pupils will love!

A day for Malaika Kids!

Is your school or college considering raising money for Malaika Kids? Why not take up our challenge of making a Day for Malaika Kids! We are asking schools and colleges to make a small change for just one day and ask students, parents and staff to make a donation to Malaika Kids for that change. The change can be anything you like from wearing your own clothes for the day to dressing up as your favourite pop star!

We will provide you with everything you need whether it be sponsorship forms or posters to advertise your day of change.

Contact us