Malaika Kids UK

Malaika Kids UK is a charity governed by a constitution that is approved by the UK Charity Commission. Our charity number is 1118149 and you can view our details on the Charity Commission website.

This constitution ultimately vests power to run the charity in the hands of its Members. Members annually elect Trustees who run the day-to-day business of the charity on their behalf. They also approve accounts at an Annual General Meeting. Within the Trustees, three are officers: the Chairperson, the Secretary and the Treasurer.

Currently, there are around 40 Members who elect 7 Trustees and 3 Officers. There is no upper limit in the Constitution to the number of Members or Trustees.

The primary role of Malaika Kids UK is to raise funds to help orphans and other vulnerable children in Tanzania. Funds are transferred to Malaika Kids Tanzania on a monthly basis, in accordance with a tightly controlled budget and transfer policy. Malaika Kids Netherlands and Malaika Kids US are parallel organisations also supporting Malaika Kids Tanzania.


Malaika Kids International

The whole programme is coordinated via Malaika Kids International. Malaika Kids International is a small board mainly comprising the chairpersons of Malaika Kids UK, Netherlands, USA and Tanzania, plus its Treasurer.


Interest Groups

Reporting to the Malaika Kids International Board are a number of interest groups which deal with specialist areas. The key IGs are:

  • Construction: buildings, infrastructure, electricity and water pumps, water retention (Ton Willemsen)
  • Finance: budgets, monthly transfers, auditing (Maarten Steemers)
  • Volunteers: specialist help temporarily resident in Tanzania (Chris Willemsen)
  • Health: health checks, vaccinations, relations with local hospital (Simon Cooper)
  • Education: pre-school, primary, secondary, vocational and remedial. (Francesca Edwards)
  • Self-Sustainability: agriculture/livestock, local funding initiatives (Nigel Fawkes)
  • HR: job specifications, recruitment and salaries (Maarten Steemers)


Malaika Kids Tanzania

Within Malaika Kids Tanzania, Najma Manji is the CEO, based in Dar es Salaam. She and her head of administration, Consolata Lyamba, have their office in the Reception Home where children first become resident with us. We also run the Relatives Support Programme from that site. James Kalinga is the manager of the Children’s Village in Mkuranga, about 30 miles south of Dar es Salaam. James reports to Najma Manji.