Malaika Kids Governance

Malaika Kids takes it responsibilities seriously and publishes the following documents.

GDPR Policy

Malaika Kids collects the minimum amount of personal details through its emails and websites etc.  This document explains how the charity complies with the legislation.  Click here to see it.


The Privacy Policy that guides our use of personal information is available here.


Malaika Kids is responsible for several dozen children and this safeguarding policy is also prominently displayed on the walls of its facilities in Tanzania, Children’s Village Mkuranga (CVM) and Dar-es-Salaam Reception Home (RH).  Last reviewed in July 2019.

Annual Reports

Annual Reports are produced each year and provide a financial summary of the charity’s income and expenditure.  It  also contains reports of the activities undertaken in Tanzania covering the welfare of the children, their health and education.

The Annual Reports are also submitted to the Charity Commission.

Annual Reports since 2012 can be accessed through this link.