Royal Parks Half Marathon April 2021

The Royal Parks Half Marathon – April 2021

In 2020 the pandemic put paid to the RPHM which in the past has raised as much as £7,000 for Malaika Kids. And so far there is little sign of a conventional run this year either. The Royal Parks has suggested that runners might wish to do a “Virtual Run”- this is very much a real run but without the crowds!

October 2019, the year’s band of runners in the Royal Parks Half Marathon in aid of Malaika Kids.

One of our most loyal athletes who has run to raise funds for Malaika Kids several years running (sic) is taking up the challenge early next month and we hope you will feel able to support him. His name is John Zealley and his donation page is HERE. As you know, every penny he raises from this event goes to the children in Tanzania – all 174 of them!

With best wishes and grateful thanks for your support.

Alan Edwards
Malaika Kids UK Chair