Xmas Appeal – Update2

Christmas Appeal update

It is an enormous pleasure to be able to write that our Appeal is going from strength to strength! After the first 6 days, we had raised £11,000 and now after 12 days, the total stands at £23,000. In addition, we have had a further significant trustee pledge such that we can raise our target to £45,000. Everything you give will continue to be doubled until we reach this new, admittedly ambitious, number.

Equally gratifying is the expansion of our donor base this year. Last year we had a total of around 50 individual donors, excluding our trustees. This year we already have 73 – 55 who used our Virgin Money Giving page, plus another 18 who donated via the CAF charity system. And we’re only in the first week of December…

In the circumstances, I thought you might be interested in how your money is spent in Tanzania. In 2019 we spent a total of £225,000. The salaries of our 24 employees in both the Children’s Village and the Reception Home take up the biggest share – 28% or £63,000. Following closely behind is everything we need to keep our Malaika kids fit and healthy – food, clothing and medical expenses. They come in at around £60,000 per annum. In third place, and rising rapidly as our children stay in school for longer, is education. At present we spend around £42,000 per annum and I expect this to increase by around £5,000 each year for at least the next 5 years as more of our children go to secondary school and on courses.

The rest of our spending is divided between: maintenance and construction, both in our own Village but this year also at Mkuranga Primary school; agriculture, where we are bringing more and more of our land surrounding the Village under cultivation; and other overheads such as the rent we pay for our Reception Home, our second-hand van, office expenses and bank charges.

I’d like to get my donation doubled

Today, we have 70 children in our Village and 15 in our Reception Home, for a total of 85 in residential care. Also, we help 91 children in the community through our Relatives Support Programme. During the year we have also acted as a ‘halfway house’ for 12 children who have subsequently been reunited with their own families with the help of the Tanzanian Welfare Department. So your money currently makes a life-changing difference to nearly 200 children.

We are so grateful for your support.

With thanks and good wishes.

Alan Edwards
Malaika Kids UK