New Kids join Malaika Kids

New Kids join our Relatives Support Programme all the time.

We are proud of how we help children who need to come to us for full-time residential support. We currently have 82 kids in the Children’s Village and in the Reception Home.

However, we now support a slightly greater number, 91, in our Relatives Support Programme, our highest total ever. Let us tell you a little about the seven who joined us most recently.

This little boy is eight. His parents are dead and he lives with his grandmother, who is blind.

This boy also lives with his grandmother. She breaks stones or sells cassava to bring in some money to buy food and pay the rent on this shack.

This little girl lives with her mother, a young widow. The mother sells chapati at the side of the road in order to support them both.

Two brothers and their cousin (ages 13, 11 and 6) live with their single mothers and grandmother in a one-room house. Usually, they play outside and only go into the house to sleep so the rainy season is hard for them. One of the mothers is deaf; the other helps out in other homes.

The grandmother (centre) is shown here with two Malaika Kids members of staff, Mama Amina (left) and Mama K (right). They are checking on the health of the children and examining the school reports to make sure they are all attending school.

An older girl lives with her single mother. She has cerebral palsy and particularly needs help to pay for medicine. Our CEO, Najma Manji (on the right), recently visited her at the request of hospital social workers.

Every two weeks all these children, and another 84 like them, receive a food package from Malaika Kids. We also provide medical insurance, without which it would be almost impossible to see a doctor and receive prescribed medicines. In addition, we make sure that children have school supplies and school uniforms. Without a school uniform, no child may attend school.