Enabling a future for our RSP children

A huge thank you to everyone who donated and helped Malaika Kids achieve our Christmas Appeal target of £40,000. Our Relatives Support Programme is financially secure until the end of 2020!

We currently have 82 children receiving the monthly food package, medical insurance and educational support (uniform, shoes, exercise books, etc).

These children could not readily survive without our help and would likely not be able to go to school. There is no father in any of the households; there may be a single mother struggling with multiple children, or more often, no parent and a grandmother who is doing her best with no income.

A requirement of our support is that the children must attend school. In January, Francesca and Shezan Manji interviewed all of the RSP children one-to-one. Shezan has copies of their school reports, and we do some quick testing ourselves just to check they are progressing as well as can be expected.

We buy supplies in bulk and split them into family packages at the distribution site at the Reception Home, for individuals to take away.

We insist on seeing the children as they receive the packages. We want to make sure that they are healthy and that they are clearly the consumers of the package (and not adult relatives abusing the programme). Some older children can carry the packages home by themselves.

The children are mostly fit and well, although some have special needs. A few live with HIV, which we monitor and nowadays is well controlled with medication.

Their academic progress is a very mixed bag, as we do not select based on exam results. In general, however, we find that the school results are better in Kinondoni, near the middle of Dar, compared with a similar number of children attending school in Tegeta, an area further from the centre.

About half our children are in Kinondoni and half in Tegeta. However, we were more recently pressed by the District Commissioner to help two very poor families in the Mkuranga district. The children are certainly deserving, but it turns out they are rather far from our Children’s Village. So Najma has arranged for a motorbike taxi to pick up two of the children and get them and their packages home cost-effectively. They cram a lot on a bike!

Regular donation enables us to continue to provide ongoing support to these children. This year please consider making a regular donation to help us plan for our children’s future and development for 2020 and beyond.