Christmas Appeal 2019

A day in the life of a child in our Relatives Support Programme

Our Christmas appeal has received £7,940 and is well on the way to reaching the target. If you have donated, a massive thank you! All our Christmas campaign donations will be doubled. Give £30 and it will become £60!

Here is a story from Miriam (not her real name) who has cerebral palsy…

Malaika Kids has been helping me since I was very little. Probably a village elder told Najma Manji that my family needed help. My mum tells me that something went wrong when I was born. For the first few months of my life I seemed OK, but I have never been able to walk. I can crawl quite fast on my hands and knees though.

My mum looks after me as well as she can although sometimes she has to leave me to try to earn some money selling goods in the market. I have no idea where my father is – I have never seen him. Perhaps he is still alive, I do not know.

I do go to school and to start with I just sat in the front in a corner of the room. There were over 100 children in the classroom and the teachers did not take much interest in me. Although my body does not do what I want it to do, my brain is quite fine! One day when I was at the Reception Home in Dar es Salaam a lady looked at my school report and asked me to read some Kiswahili and do some easy sums. Some other people said, “No, she will not be able to do it.” But I was able to do it and everybody was very pleased. I was very pleased too and always try to learn well at school.

Now I go to a boarding school run by the government 5 days a week and I have a wheelchair there which makes it easier for me to move around. It would be good to have a wheelchair at home too. When I was smaller my mum used to easily take me on her back to collect the food package from Malaika Kids as in the picture below. Now, I am eleven and getting heavy!

When I collect the food package I meet many of the other children who are doing the same. Most of them are happy and healthy and it is good to see and talk to them. Many are being cared for by an aunt or a grandmother as both their parents have either died or left. Some are very small and some are sixteen years’ old. Sometimes we get a book or a balloon as well.

I hope to pass my Standard 7 exams well and go on to senior school. I know that Malaika Kids will support me with that. I know it is possible because I have seen it, for a physically disabled person still to have a good job. Perhaps I could become a teacher?

Please, can you help Miriam and similar children by supporting our Christmas appeal? All donations will be doubled.

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