Christmas Appeal 2019

Double your donation in the Malaika Kids Christmas Appeal

Our Christmas Appeal for 2019 is now open.  It runs until 25th December, during this period your donation will be doubled, based on pledges made by trustees and others.  Specifically this year, it focuses on the Relatives Support Programme (RSP).

We are targeting to raise £30,000 in total – £15,000 from individual donors and £15,000 from trustee pledges.

If you would like to set up a monthly standing order (our preferred route), we will double your donation for a year. Please contact and we will handle matters outside this donation page.

The RSP seeks to help children who may have a family member who can look after the child in the community if they have a little support from Malaika Kids.

For example, the children in this picture never knew their father. The mother ran away, leaving them in the care of the grandmother. Without our support, these children would be malnourished and not able to go to school without shoes and a uniform.

Similarly, this boy and his mother were abandoned just after he was born.  His mother died in 2007.  He lives with his grandmother and two sisters.

This little girl is severely disabled. The father is never present. The mother fell sick and left the child in the care of her grandmother.

The support we provide is:

  • A monthly food package of staples like cornflour.
  • A fortnightly small package of fresh vegetables.
  • Medical insurance (otherwise only emergency help is available).
  • Uniforms, shoes and books for children attending school.
  • We regularly visit to offer support and ensure the welfare of the child.

We currently support 75 children in this way, spending about £25,000 in direct costs. This is just under £30 per child per month or £360 for a year.

With your help, we would like to support more children in this way.

Please DONATE now

Please do help these children, and others like these, at Christmas. Thank you.