Halfway There!

Halfway There!
You can do it!

Just over one month ago, we launched a special appeal to help Mkuranga Primary School to facilitate a series of one-off major improvements. Currently, there are over 2,100 children in just 11 classrooms – Yes, that’s a whopping 190 children per class.

We have committed to support the new head, Eugenia Njau, who is full of enthusiasm and has a strong desire to help the children. A key issue is that two new classrooms are only half finished – the government did not supply enough funds to complete the job. At present they are just brick shells

Our commitment and our appeal, is to complete the half-built buildings, provide a water supply and toilets.

The initial response has been immensely encouraging and we have so far raised £5,000 of our £10,000 target. Can you help us meet the target?

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We know that these children will be delighted to study in class sizes a lot smaller than this.