Goodbye to Mama Magdalena

Mama Magdalena, who has been with us for many years, is shortly to marry and move many hundreds of miles to the north of the country.

She has been very much appreciated and will be sorely missed, both as a mama and as our chief librarian.

Mama Magdalena is one of our network of mothers who care for children at the Village in family units of around 10. This works by each Mama being responsible for a house of ten boys or girls, of varying ages, who often call upon their Mama for support with their homework or other things they are going through. The children eat with their house groups each night, each taking turn to help with the handing out of food or even bringing it from the kitchen to their tables.

Here is Mama Magdalena with one of our academic stars. He has just completed his second year at secondary school and his exam results, with 5 A’s, are the best yet that we have seen from any child in the Village.