It’s time…to play!

The work and school week has finished, and at the children’s village that means there is one thing our children are excited about – play time!

We are lucky to be able to have some land that the children can play football together on, as well as run about, try a bit of netball….and even practice their somersault skills!

Here some of the kids have fun with pipe cleaners with our trustee Francesca.

Others enjoy playing on outdoor equipment.

Play as a way of learning and building friendships and relationships is an important part of life at Malaika Kids, whether this be at our Children’s Village where children live in family groups, in our Reception Home in Dar es Salaam, or in the wider community where children are able to live with their families with our help through the Relatives Support Programme. 

At the moment we are running a match funded Christmas appeal to support more children like this, help them keep learning and playing. Please support us if you can and donate please visit and share our post with your friends.

The appeal runs until 13 December.