The Christmas Campaign is live – and the kids tell us why your donations are so important


There are many many reasons why your donation to Malaika Kids is important.

Here, our children explain just one of those reasons.

At Malaika Kids we believe education is vitally important to ensure children get the best possible start in life and the opportunities to fulfill their potential. University can be a reality for them, as long as we can give them the support they need.

This support may be starting at the nursery school in the Children’s Village to learn English – which is vital to be allowed to go to secondary school; giving help at a time when its needed most for children who come to our Reception Home; and for others, who can live with their extended families, giving assistance with things like food, school uniform and books through our Relatives Support Programme. 

Our Christmas appeal runs from today until December 13, and trustees have pledged all your donations will be matched during that period (until we reach £11,000). To donate please visit and share our post.