Malaika Kids Match Funded Christmas Appeal 2018

Between 25th November and 16th December 2018 all donations – whether monthly or one-off – will be matched and effectively doubled. This opportunity allows you to maximise your support for the destitute children we care for.  Your money will help children who are very much in need.

Recently, Malaika Kids in Tanzania has been asked by the local, overstretched Welfare to help in a number of new cases.  A five-year-old girl, for example, was living with an aunt who beat her. While the police are looking into the case, Welfare have asked Malaika Kids to take care of her.  She will likely be with us over Christmas.  In October, Welfare also asked us to look after three very young children. No family members can be found, so we have transferred the children to our Children’s Village in Mkuranga.

Malaika Kids childern of all ages who are in our care

However another young girl is not so lucky, her legs do not function properly.  She lives with her mother and is supported by us through our Relatives Support Programme.  With advice from our doctor, who visits from the UK, she is being treated and is much improved compared to her condition several months ago.  Despite her disability, she is remarkably happy and quite active.

Our older children are looked after too.  A teenage boy had a severe bout of malaria last month.  Fortunately, a couple of days in hospital and the right treatment has him running around once again.  Also one of our older girls has completed a food production course under the auspices of VETA, the Vocational and Educational Training Authority.  She is now a trainee in a restaurant.

Our Christmas appeal will start on November 25th to and run until December 16th, when your donation will be doubled, thus having double the impact on what we are able to achieve.  You can access our Christmas appeal donation page here; it is hosted by Virgin Money Giving.

Thank you for your kind support.