Graduations and achievements for our kids!

Our children are working hard to secure themselves a positive future, and recently many of them have reaped the rewards of their efforts.

Andwele has just set off for school in Dar es Salaam to study clinical medicine.


Two more boys have just ‘graduated’ from four years of secondary schooling. They still must sit their final exams and nervously wait for results before they can decide what career path they can go down.

It is our hope to be able to fund this also, as part of our commitment to education.


Nuru has just completed her course in food production, while Saida is looking for work experience after finishing her tailoring course.


Education is vitally important in Tanzania and we are working hard to give as many children as we can in our care access to and support with their learning. To go to secondary school and study beyond this level children must be able to speak, read and write English. For some, who may have missed years of schooling, this can be a challenge. We continue to support children by teaching kids from a young age at the village in our nursery, supporting older kids with their learning. And, where children have been able to stay with their families through our Relatives Support Programme, providing educational materials and other support so that their children can stay with them and go to school.

This year we will open a special appeal for the three weeks from November 25 through to December 16 to continue funding education as well as our other programmes at Malaika Kids. 

A group of trustees has banded together with pledges, so we can guarantee that the first £11,000 of all donations will be doubled in value. Our initial target is £22,000 in total. More information coming soon…..