The Malaika Kids Open at Denham was great!

So Never mind the Ryder Cup

On a lovely autumnal day in late September, the Denham Golf Club was looking its scenic best to host the second Malaika Kids Golf day. The sport was thoroughly enjoyed – especially by our winning team!

The numbers swelled in the evening, as supporters joined golfers to enjoy the grand setting of Denham’s illustrious dining room.

This gave our fine auctioneer, Nigel Fawkes, a chance to ensure that the many terrific items donated by supporters went to the highest bids in a fun atmosphere, Financially, the evening was a great success. In round figures, we netted £11,500 for the charity.

A big thank you to Denham Golf Club and Phil Kimberley, the Denham Golf Club member and Malaika Kids supporter who was the principal organiser. This is clearly something that Malaika Kids would love to repeat, whether at Denham (they may need a rest!) or at another course (are other Malaika Kids supporters interested in taking a turn hosting at their club?).

Why we need this help

As we explained to our friends in Denham, we don’t just provide orphans with a home. We also provide the most suitable schooling for each child’s individual need, to enable them to have the best opportunity to reach their full potential. This may be through Special Needs education or at English medium residential or non-residential schools. The young people in this picture now speak to us, when we visit every year, in English – a major step forward!

Our older children cannot be forgotten either. In this group we have one boy now training to become a Medical Officer, one girl training to be a Social Worker and another a Montessori teacher. Others are finishing secondary school and will need help to become fully trained.

Our current budget is £200,000 to make a major change to 165 young lives. We are pretty frugal! And no-one outside Tanzania is paid a penny, so 95% of all donations go to Tanzania.