New Year Message 2018

Thank You for a Great 2017
… Now for 2018!

A New Year message from the Chair of Malaika Kids, UK Alan Edwards.

Thanks to our supporters, 2017 was a great year for Malaika Kids.
Some highlights for the year were:

  • We have had our first child successfully adopted from the Children’s Village by an officially vetted couple in Tanzania. We hope that there will be more to come. Our policy remains that strong family units are best for the children.
  • We have simultaneously expanded the numbers in our Relatives Support Programme to cover more desperately poor children who can still manage with (typically) a grandmother. Our distribution of food packages, greens twice a month, basic medical insurance and educational support is going well. We visit the children regularly to ensure they are flourishing and going to school.
  • At the Children’s Village:
    • Our in-house pre-primary continues to function very well indeed.
    • The strategy of sending our younger children to the English-only Lifewaylight School is paying dividends. After only two years, nine-year-old children are asking us complicated questions in English!
    • We are gradually learning which schools are best for our older children, and how to utilise Tanzania’s VETA (technical education) system. We have children doing a variety of courses.
    • We had a great pineapple crop!
  • In the UK, PIMCO (an international investment management company), was our largest individual donor; special thanks to them!
  • In Dar es Salaam, the accountancy firm Grant Thornton has become a strong supporter – as has their CEO, Dr Sreekumar.

Nearer to Mkuranga, a local plastics firm, Avanti Industries, has also begun to provide practical goods support. We hope these corporate supporters in country will continue to help us!

The Challenges Ahead
For 2018, our biggest challenges are probably:

  1. To get all our residential children the right schooling and technical education so they can get jobs and be self-sufficient. As our children get older, the challenges become more complex.
  2. To create enough bed space in Dar es Salam by year end to accommodate those who will likely move there to do training courses at the end of 2018.
  3. To keep our infrastructure fit for purpose; for example, our electricity generator and van are very worn, and some of our buildings need updating.

Thanks to everyone for your support in 2017.

As we go forward, you might want to consider an ongoing commitment to Sponsor a Child.

Thank you.


Alan Edwards
Chair, Malaika Kids UK