Rains begin in Tanzania bringing water – and great hope for our own harvest

The heavy seasonal rains have begun in Tanzania, giving the Malaika Kids Children’s Village the chance to focus on agriculture.

Rains mean fertile soil, and it is important to harvest as much water as possible so we can continue to support crops through the dry summer months.


Growing our own crops is part of the Malaika Kids’ sustainability aim. We are gradually clearing 30 acres of bush and cashew orchard around the village to try and improve the soil, which is mostly sand – making growing successful crops incredibly difficult.

After trying various different crops, the children’s village is now focusing on pineapples which take two years to fully grow and bear fruit.


Everyone at the village has been weeding the crop and in order to keep nitrogen in the soil, and reduce more weeds, pineapples are being mixed with cow peas.



Water is also being collected in our large water catchment tanks on the site to ensure we have enough supply for the long dry summer months, enabling us to beat the high prices in Dar es Salaam when the rains stop.

The main rainy season in Tanzania starts in March and finishes in May before the long dry season from June to October. There is some rainfall in November and December, but not as much as in the current wet season.