Shezan Manji writes from Tanzania, January 2017

In December, we received one new child at the Reception Home. Fadhila Kimweli is three years old and cannot speak or hear. Her mother is not mentally well and the father is unknown. Just after she was born, her grandparents sent her to an orphanage in Irente which only looks after children until the age of three. She was sent back to her grandparents but they were not able to look after her and went to seek help from the social welfare office, who then brought Fadhila to us.

The children at the Reception Home celebrated Christmas day at home, and on Boxing Day went for a swim and lunch by the ocean.

Three children, Idrisa, Musa and Yusuph, from the Reception Home have now moved to the Children’s Village in Mkuranga (CVM). They are all coping well with the new environment and their new family.



Fadhila Kimweli

Four children, Saleh, Justin, Abdallah and Juma have moved from CVM to the Reception Home in Dar es Salaam. Juma will be starting a Welding and Fabrication course, Abdallah Electrical Installation, and Saleh and Justine a Motor Vehicle Mechanics course at Lugalo (JWTZ) beginning in this month. These are all two-year courses.

Children’s Village Mkuranga News

In October 2015 Baraka Fadhili had been found with his mother, who had severe mental health problems, in a market in Mkuranga looking for food; both were very dirty. A good Samaritan took them to a police station and then to the welfare office to look for help. After being taken to the hospital, the doctors recommended the mother be admitted at Muhimbili Hospital psychiatric unit for treatment.

Baraka Fadhili with his mother

Baraka Fadhili with his mother

Fadhili was brought to Malaika Kids. He stayed at the reception home and not hearing from any of his family members, we moved him to CVM in June 2016. In December Fadhili’s mother was discharged from the hospital. She is now doing much better and has decided to go back to her home town in Geita. With the help of a local government official and a Mkuranga welfare officer, she was taken back to Geita with Fadhili.

All the children were on holiday in December, so the village was very busy and active. It was good for the older secondary school children to help their younger brothers and sisters as well as mothers in different tasks like washing and cooking. The younger children also got help with their holiday homework. It was good to see how our children help each other in different ways.

As usual Christmas was celebrated at the village. The food menu was changed for the day and the children got soft drinks. Time was spent dancing together and with their guardians. Everybody was happy.

Christmas at Children's Village Mkuranga 2016

Christmas at Children’s Village Mkuranga 2016

On December 9th we had a study tour trip to Bagamoyo – the original capital of German East Africa. Bagamoyo is a town in Tanzania about 60 km from Dar es Salaam where there are a lot of historical sites to visit. We visited different sites including the former German headquarters, and the graveyard of Germans and Missionaries.

Visit to Bagamoyo

Visit to Bagamoyo

We also saw the first church built in East Africa, the first dispensaries built by the Catholic Fathers of the Holy Ghost, learned the history of David Livingstone, who died in Zambia, and visited the church’s tower where his body was laid before it was moved to Europe. After the long trip, we had a very good lunch and got time to swim in the Indian Ocean.

Enjoying a swim in the Indian Ocean

Enjoying a swim in the Indian Ocean