Amazing Charity Run


The Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon

This run was a major success for Malaika Kids in October.  Our intrepid runners rolled out of bed very early on the morning of Sunday 9th October to run the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon for Malaika Kids. Everyone completed the race, despite one or two injury niggles, and there were some fantastic personal times.

18 runners completed the half marathon on our behalf, raising in total a whopping £18,000 towards our funds. All our runners are greatly appreciated, and maybe you know someone who might want to compete next year?
However, particular thanks go to Gopa, a very loyal supporter, who travelled all the way from Oman to run the race along with his son Ashwin (who is based in London). This is a marvellous father and son bonding exercise, much to the benefit of Malaika Kids, and we extend our thanks for their ongoing support.