New source of Energy

When building the Children’s Village we were for over 9 years totally dependent on a generator for our electrical power supply. We used a second hand generator and a small solar system. Both systems were at the end of their lives. Since two years we are connected to the electrical power grid, but the system is more down then up and a village full of children without proper light and/or water is not good.  With help from sponsors we were able to renew the solar installation last year.  We also started looking for a good second hand generator. These are hard to find in Tanzania.  Reason for us to have another look at our old generator. We decided to look for a new engine as the generator itself was still ok.  After months of looking we found a generator revision shop who also was able to supply us with a revised engine.  The photo’s below show you the proces of putting the new motor in its place, thus providing us soon with the necessary back-up in case the other sources of power supply fail.