Special Appeal for Mkuranga Primary School


Many Malaika Kids have been educated at Mkuranga Primary School. Their results have been poor mainly due to chronic overcrowding in the classrooms. They learn in Kiswahili

Alison Clewlow, the recently retired head of a very successful English secondary school, visited Mkuranga Primary last December to see if anything could be done. There she met the new head, Eugenia Njau, who was full of enthusiasm and a strong desire to really help the children.

She faces many challenges. A key issue is that two new classrooms were planned, but are only half finished as the government did not supply sufficient funds to complete the job. At present they are both roofless.

So we asked Ton Willemsen and Aad Van Vliet, from MK Netherlands, to see if there might be some feasible, practical ways that Malaika Kids could offer support. Ton reports:

“There are indeed various items which need attention; the finishing of the half built classrooms, water supply and toilets. I asked her what she sees as her highest priority and that was definitely finishing the classrooms. Currently, there are over 2,100 children in 11 classrooms; can you imagine how full the classes are?

“For the water, we could help the school in placing a number of sim tanks underneath the gutter, and so collect rainwater. Not too complex a job to do

“For the toilets: These are dry pit. You cannot just install water in them as the storage of those toilets is very limited. What one can do is building a new dry pit toilet building.”

Over the years, Malaika Kids has sent a large number of children to Mkuranga Primary. The picture above shows all the children attending in 2018.

We prefer now to send our younger children to a special school nearby, which, for a fee, teaches in English and is right on our doorstep. But children coming to us who are already in the middle of primary schooling and have only learned in Kiswahili cannot cope with Lifewaylight t and still need to attend Mkuranga Primary. We expect that there will always be some children in this situation.


We have decided to open up a special appeal to help Mkuranga Primary – both as a thank you for helping lots of Malaika Kids in the past, and to help future Malaika Kids who may need to attend.

Our target for the appeal is £10,000 in order to facilitate a series of one-off major improvements. We will simultaneously seek assistance from other educational charities, in the UK, Netherlands and in Tanzania.

Ton will mastermind a plan to get the best value for money for all concerned, bearing in mind the priorities he has discussed with the head.

Please route your payments via Malaika Kids UK so that we can utilise gift aid, but let us know that you would like this to be part of the Mkuranga Primary special appeal. We are very grateful for anything you can give towards this appeal, however large or small.

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Thank you for your kind support


Alan Edwards
Chair Malaika Kids UK