A Happy April for Malaika Kids

A wedding, a hiring, & Easter fun

A Wedding
Five years ago, one of our older girls left our care, having attended primary school, and followed by an apprenticeship course in hotel management. Ever since we have kept in touch with her, and she with us. First, she worked in Dar es Salaam and then in Moshi, in the north of the country. She came back to Dar es Salaam for the last couple of years where she met her partner and future husband, a builder. They married at the beginning of this month, and it was such a joy to see her surrounded by her “sisters” from Malaika Kids, together with Mama Anna, who brought her up.

Those sisters are also thriving. One is now a primary school teacher, and another two work in retail, while one is training to be a hairdresser. MalaikaKids Tanzania were happy to give the married couple a double bed as a wedding present!


A Hiring
As many of you know, in October of last year Mama Violet sadly died, probably of Covid. Ever since then James, the Village Manager, has been searching assiduously for the right person to replace her. We had very many applications but often the written CV turned out to be inaccurate or made up. However, I am so glad to be able to report that we have now hired that special person. Mama Mwinga is 30 years old, with four years of secondary education and a Diploma in Care in the Community. After a brief induction course she is now fully integrated into the Malaika Kids family in the village, acting as a peripatetic mama when a permanent one is on holiday.

Easter Fun
This year Easter coincided with Ramadan so every child in the village, Christian and Muslim alike, had something to celebrate!

A few years ago we were in the village at Easter time and brought a few hundred (small) Easter eggs with us in our luggage. We then organised an Easter egg hunt – possibly the first-ever in Tanzania (because of the heat). It is understandably not a tradition there. But this year, while Easter eggs were not available, very many lollipops were acquired and the younger children, most kitted out in their best clothes, had a great time searching for them.

With many thanks for your continued support. Please, pass this on to a friend if you think they would be interested in our unique work.

With best wishes.

Malaika Kids.