Why Kim Volunteered with Malaika Kids

Malaika Kids volunteer Kim Janssen, 23, from the Netherlands, has been volunteering with the charity for five months. Kim has just got a full time job, but explains why she volunteered and what she got out of working for Malaika Kids.

When I moved to the UK in February 2013 it was my goal to find a job in the international development sector. Therefore I met up with some people who were already working in this sector, who gave me the advice to start volunteering for charities or NGO’s to get some experience and to show future employers that I am dedicated to building a career in this area.

As soon as I started looking for volunteering opportunities I saw that Malaika Kids had advertised for a Fundraising Volunteer to join their team for 1 day a week. I applied and met up with Alan, the Volunteer Coordinator at Malaika Kids, and after a fun chat he invited me to come back into the office the next week.

During the first few weeks Helen, the Fundraising Officer, showed me how their Funds Management System worked, how they selected trusts to apply to and which websites they used to do their research. After this induction I was given the freedom to write my own application letters and write my own proposals. Together with the Fundraising Team I have been able to develop new proposal templates and I have applied to over 30 trusts.

After volunteering with Malaika Kids for a few months I started applying for paid jobs again. Just as I was getting tired of filling in job applications time after time and hearing nothing back, I received an email from Save the Children. After going through two rounds of job interviews I heard the good news last week that they were offering me a job.

My time at Malaika Kids has definitely helped me to get this job, because I was able to show that I am keen to work in the international development sector, that I have experience in working for a charity and that I have experience in working with a fund management system.

Why not you?

If you are looking to start a career in the charity or international development sector, I strongly advise you to start volunteering as well. If you would like to volunteer at a small charity, with devoted people and a relaxed atmosphere: Malaika Kids is the place for you!

If you would like to volunteer with Malaika Kids please get in touch with us at info@malaika-kids.org