Xmas Appeal – Update3

Christmas Appeal update

It’s wonderful that so many of you have generously supported the Malaika Kids Christmas Appeal! If you have donated THANK YOU. We are now at £41,000 – still a little short of our revised target of £45,000 so it remains that any donation you may make before 25 December will be doubled.

As I write, our secondary school children who have been boarding are gradually returning to the Children’s Village for the Christmas break. The last group come back on 20 December, two weeks later than usual, to try to make up for lost education when all schools were shut nine months ago for three months. As usual, all the older children in the Reception Home will join their friends at the Village for Christmas celebrations.

Christmas presents aren’t a widespread tradition in Tanzania. However, the children will get a trip during the holidays as a special treat. James, our Village Manager, has organised two to choose from. One will be to a forest nature reserve where they will have a picnic, and the other to the seaside (some of the children can already swim quite well.)

James and some of the children will go to church on Christmas morning; there will then be a special lunch and afterwards singing, dancing and games. A decorated Christmas tree will be in the centre of each of the two dining areas. We are now harvesting our pineapples; so we can be sure that fresh fruit will be part of the meal. When you have tasted freshly harvested pineapple you will never want to eat one from a UK supplier ever again!

Some of the older children are planning to write to us during their holidays. I hope to be able to share some of their words with you in a future newsletter.

Once again, many thanks for your help. We could not function without you.

Alan Edwards
Malaika Kids UK