Please support our children this Christmas

Malaika Kids UK exists solely to support Malaika Kids Tanzania through a negotiated budget. We look after those children who have been assigned to our care and support other children within their extended family.

Coronavirus has had a devastating effect on our income. This year we have not been able to run the fundraising events we might normally do – no golf tournament and no Royal Parks Half Marathon. In the year to date, we are more than £20,000 down on the prior year – a huge 25% reduction.

To keep going in Tanzania, and to avoid a serious decline in our reserves, we would love to have a successful Christmas Appeal. This launches soon.

From November 25 to December 25, all your donations will be doubled, up to an overall target total of £30,000. In other words, if our donors can give £15,000, then MKUK trustees have pledged to match every penny themselves.

Our Reception Home in Dar es Salaam has recently taken in three girls aged between 10 and 13. One had been burned with an iron by her parent as some sort of ‘punishment’; two others had been raped (one has subsequently run away). As ever, we offer support and protection to the children while the local authorities investigate the case. We rarely know in advance if we may need to take care of the child permanently – in which case, we will transfer them to a family unit at the Children’s Village.

National exams recently took place for all primary children in standard 7 (the oldest) and standard 4. We await these results anxiously, as the better the pass (at standard 7) the better the academic options at secondary level for the three Malaika children involved. We are similarly anxious about four children who have taken O Levels; depending on results, some may stay for A Levels while others look for appropriate training.

We have helped to educate our children as best we can, however for our children and many of the population employment prospects in Tanzania are challenging and difficult.

These are difficult times, and we are so grateful for your loyal support.