Malaika Kids Open Golf Day – CANCELLED

Sadly Malaika Kids UK has postponed the recently announced Open Golf day at Denham Golf Club on 30th June.  The current situation that is facing everyone as Coronavirus spreads around the world, made its postponement inevitable.

We will also lose income because further events are in jeopardy; the stock market decline will take its toll on individual and trust funds; and we remain without any government support to underpin us. Nevertheless, the finances of the charity have been built up over the past years and are in a good position.  Malaika Kids UK will be able to maintain contributions to keep the Tanzanian operations running, in cooperation with the other supporting parts of the organisation in the Netherlands and the United States of America for some time — even longer with your support. We do welcome further donations at this particularly difficult time.

Tanzania too has cases of Covid-19 present in the country, though our operations are not affected at the time of posting.  The Reception Home in Dar-es-Salaam, the food distribution via the Relatives Support Programme, and the Children’s Village in Mkuranga are running with recently instituted precautions to keep all involved safe.