Children’s Village – a NEW Van

The picture below shows the floor of our old van. At the top left is the step to get into the van, and to the right is where the wheel goes. As you can see, it has become very corroded and is effectively on its last legs. We have tried to keep it going with remediation actions, but (in our opinion) it could go at any time, and the Village would be without transport for its many needs – for example, taking kids to school or on little outings, bringing in provisions, or dealing with our farm produce

Children’s Village van in a bad state and in need of replacemant.

We explained the situation to Malaika Kids US, and they offered to fund a much newer second-hand vehicle. This has now been purchased and arrived recently in the Village. Many thanks!

Excited CVM children trying out the ‘new’ van for size.

It has the capacity to carry more children than the old one, having 14 seatbelts, and will be much more dependable. We will still use the old one locally around Mkuranga itself, nursing as much usage out of it as we can before it is finally scrapped. The children were very excited to be allowed to sit in the ‘new’ vehicle!