Children get the books, uniform and equipment they need for school

As the new school term is about to begin in Tanzania, at Malaika Kids we work hard to get children ready for lessons.

Some of these take place in our nursery class, while other children get ready for primary school and we work with our older students who may be setting off for secondary or boarding school for the first time.

This is also an important time for children we support to stay with extended family members through our Relatives Support Programme – giving families food and equipment so they can care for orphaned children.

Last month we distributed supplies to some of our children on this programme, giving them the books and pens they need to go to school to give them the best possible chance at getting an education. 


As well as stationary we also distribute uniforms, as well as food and hygiene packages. These food packages have been recently upgraded to include more fresh vegetables and less sugar.

For the Relatives Support Programme, children are referred to us through the Ministry of Social Welfare, and our priority is to try and find surviving relatives with whom they can be placed. When we are able to locate family members who are willing and able to take the child in, the family joins our programme.

Members of the Relatives Support Programme bring the foster children to our Reception Home in Dar es Salaam once a month to collect packages of staple foods, toiletries and sometimes clothing. This is an opportunity for foster parents and the children to meet each other and for our staff to assess the children’s welfare.

We also make a monthly visit to their homes where they check that the children are being well treated, are healthy and are prospering at school.