Welcome to Malaika Kids USA
Malaika Kids rescues orphans and the most vulnerable children from the streets of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and gives them a stable, cared for upbringing. We work with the Ministry of Social Welfare to provide support through two programmes. Our Relatives Support Programme for children fostered with relations, and our award-winn ...Read More
Latest News

13 March 2017
Construction Village
Unsung Heroes Keep Our Village Going

The Children’s Village Mkuranga is a happy home for 70 children. It was formally opened in 2010, and everything was then brand new. But ...read more

22 July 2015
Introducing our new scholarship fund

Malaika Kids is setting up a scholarship fund to help children like Badru progress through the top end of school and through college. The fi ...read more

22 May 2015
Looking forward to a brighter future

Badru Mahumud is now 16 years old. In January, he began his third year at Ujenzi Secondary School. We were fortunate to be with him when his ...read more

5 August 2014
Nice Farewell present

On March 28 Kees Tromp stopped as a family doctor and wanted to use his farewell to ask attention for those who have less in the world.  Th ...read more

9 October 2013
Our organisation
Annual Reception 2013

Tuesday 26th November 2013 Malaika Kids UK held its annual evening reception. It was an evening for all of our supporters and an opportunit ...read more

8 October 2013
Education at the Children’s Village

Elizabeth (in the headscarf on the left) had had a terrible time before she came to us two years ago, and had missed a lot of schooling. Now ...read more

26 June 2013
Laptops for Malaika Kids

Post Office gives 97 laptops to Malaika Kids UK These have been delivered to Computers4Africa in Maidstone, where they are being checked ...read more

18 June 2013
Self sustainability
Quest for self sufficiency continues

Self Sufficiency at Malaika Kids Children's Village. At Malaika Kids we have always wanted to be self sufficient - to get the most out of wh ...read more