Welcome to Malaika Kids
Malaika Kids rescues the most vulnerable children from the streets of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. They may have been orphaned from HIV/AIDS or other diseases or left homeless because of poverty or disability.   We want children to have a stable upbringing and do this by supporting relatives to adopt children wherever poss ...Read More
Latest News

18 February 2019
Royal Parks Half Marathon 2019

We’d absolutely love you to take part in such an iconic event for us, and raise vital funds for orphans in Tanzania. The event take ...read more

11 February 2019
Drills, extinguishers and fire safety

Children and staff at Malaika Kids recently took part in a workshop to learn about fire safety. Police officers from the district commiss ...read more

31 January 2019
Encouraging words from Tanzania’s high commissioner

At Malaika Kids we were recently given a significant and very welcome mention from the Tanzanian  High Commissioner in London, Asha-Ro ...read more

29 January 2019
Goodbye to Mama Magdalena

Mama Magdalena, who has been with us for many years, is shortly to marry and move many hundreds of miles to the north of the country. She ...read more

27 January 2019
Back to school

Like many children in the UK, our kids at the Children's Village have gone back to their classes. These children are lucky to be goin ...read more

25 December 2018
Donation Banner Post
Merry Christmas and thank you for all your donations!

A big thank to you to all our supporters who donated to our Christmas appeal this year - and helped us raise a whopping £30K Our origina ...read more

24 December 2018
Living in the Village
Pineapple success for our self sufficiency project

At Malaika Kids we are trying to use our land to become self sufficient, growing our own food to feed the children and people who work a ...read more

7 December 2018
It’s time…to play!

The work and school week has finished, and at the children's village that means there is one thing our children are excited about - play ti ...read more